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Vickie Argals is a Equine Canada Level 2, NCCP Level 3 coach, owner of Flying Colours Stables and a rider with a positive history.

Vickie came to learn about horses late in life. In the late 1980's her eldest daughter decided she would like to learn to ride. Being a city girl, Vickie had never set foot on a farm! However, she immediately fell in love with the dance of dressage. That was the start of her wonderful journey to where she is today.

In the years to come, Vickie was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn on some amazing horses. She soon bought her first green horse, Feja and dreamed of the Grand Prix ring.

1998 was a landmark year. Vickie and Feja were Reserve Champion Western Canada Advanced level and declared to make a bid for the Pan Am Team. She also bought and started Flying Colours Stables.

Unfortunately, as will happen with horses, Feja suffered an injury in June of 1999, just before the trials for Pan Ams. She rehabilitated over the winter and Vickie rode her dream of Grand Prix the spring of 2000. Feja was then retired from the show ring and bred. Vickie started her search for a new mount which has finally led to the purchase of Gracie, the new Grand Prix dream.

Coaching has always been a priority for Vickie and her success in that regard is measurable in many ways. Her students have had many successes in the show rings, putting together some great scores and championships.

Most importantly, Vickie makes riding challenging and rewarding for her students. Having learned to ride as an adult herself, Vickie is able to articulate riding theory in a way that is understandable and achievable to riders. She integrates Pilates into the process to create truly "centered" riding. Her goal is to create horse and rider "teams" in the true sense -- and she achieves it.

Frank Lloyd Wright has said, "I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen". Vickie Argals has always been willing to pay the price.

Vickie's philosophy

I believe in truly working horse and rider together, to create 2 athletes, unified in one purpose. Rider's need the physical and intellectual tools to become centered in their cores while the horse's movement emerges around that.

Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark, and professionals built the Titanic.


Dressage lessons are available at Flying Colours.

Private lessons are scheduled at the stable throughout the day. Although we do not have lesson horses, there are several client horses at FCS that are sometimes available for use in lessons. Appropriate rider/horse matches need to be made ahead of time.

The following is an excerpt from Horse Sport magazine, August 2003. Photographs show student tack boxes, along with equipment storage.

Photographer: Johane Janelle

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