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Genesis Organic Horse feed


Genesis™ Organic Horse feed is made with human grade ingredients, and is free of chemicals, GMOs and pesticides. It is an easily digestible whole grain feed.


Genesis™ Organic Horse feed is cleaned, clipped oats; hulless barley; peas as a protein source (used extensively in Europe); and flax (cold pressed flax meal).


  • No corn or corn by-products

  • No soy or soy by-products

  • No animal by-products

  • No GMO, chemicals, or pesticides

  • No molasses


We believe in these organically grown, high quality feeds that are unique in the horse industry.  We are pleased to feed and sell Genesis™ certified organic horse feed products.


Genesis™ Organic Horse feed was formulated and evaluated for nutrient content and final blend formulation by Mr. Vernon Racz of the e Prairie feed research Centre at the University of Saskatchewan.


Genesis is available in 50lbs bags from Flying Colours Stables. Volume discounts are available. Contact for pricing.


Genesis™ Organic Horse feed is available at Country Living and Garden Center in Okotoks in Southern Alberta.

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