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CORE Mechanics for Riders

Core Mechanics Workshops are a two-stage, rider learning workshops... unmounted and mounted. We will explore the concept of dynamic core stability; first on the mat and then how it relates to you as a rider in the saddle. You will learn to access your core to do what you functionally want it to do.      CORE...Creating strong, stable, supple riders! Your coach and your horse will thank you!

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CORE Concepts is the rider's first exposure to CORE workshops. 


  • Neutral pelvis and Spine alignment

  • Effective breathing pattern

  • Identification of Transverse Abdominus and its importance

  • The difference between hinge and roll on the mat and in the saddle



CORE Explorations is for returning CORE riders.


  • Introduction of effective contact

  • Body awareness and alignment for effective turning

  • Learn how to stabilize your pelvis without tightening your hip

  • Through core stability, exploration of independent aids

8 Things CORE Mechanics for Riders Workshops are...


1. A 2 day mat/saddle work workshop

2. Pilates/Yoga/Somatics based

3. NOT riding lessons

4. CORE weekends are a way to explore riding concepts on the mat and then take those skills and awarenesses to the saddle

5. We explore the function of the rider’s core and how best to stabilize it on a moving object. The more stable your core is while riding, the more independent your aids can function.

6. The movement patterns we work with are not physically difficult. The difficulty is in the body awareness in the movement patterns and then keeping the same mindfulness while applying it in the saddle. Brain/body work!!!

7. You will explore exercises on the mat that you will be able to incorporate into your regular workout regime when you return home.

8. CORE workshops are based at Flying Colours Stables but the format is very mobile. All you’ll need is 6 riders, their horses and yoga mats!


Contact Lindsey or Vickie to check on availability of rider spots for workshops at Flying Colours. All workshops at FCS include stableling.

Upcoming CORE workshops at FCS


July 22/23 - CORE Concepts, 2 spots have opened up, contact FCS!

 Sept CORE - dates TBA, Contact FCS for details

CORE Workshops can be arranged at your stables. Contact FCS for details.